Victorum Launch & How It Works



With the significant improvements in building fabric and air tightness coming in Part L 2021 and Future Homes standards the demand for exhaust air heat pump technology will continue to grow. Secon as the UK’s largest heatpump distributor recognise this and want to ensure we are offering the complete range of solutions. The Joule Victorum exhaust air heatpump provides 100% of a dwellings heating and hot water needs. It also is the dwellings mechanical extract ventilation system. The heatpump works by extracting the waste heat out of the extract air and using this energy in the heatpump cycle to produce efficient heating energy for the space and water heating loads. It can work in conjunction with either radiators or underfloor heating.

Dwellings are becoming more energy efficient, the fabric and ventilation heat losses are decreasing and because of this the requirement for more mechanical ventilation increases. For certain size properties exhaust air is the obvious solution. Under the new SAP 10.1 all dwellings must have an air permeability rate of less than 7m3/hr @ 50pa. For any property with an as built value below 3m3/hr @ 50pa must have mechanical ventilation. With the requirement for all new dwellings to have a 31% improvement over the notional dwelling improving the air permeability rate is a common sense step in the right direction to achieving the required improvements. Considering this and the difficulties with bringing gas in new apartment developments both big and small make an all electric Victorum system a realistic alternative that solves the current requirements of todays needs.

Available to work in dwellings with heat losses of 4.5kW or less, built with good air permeability rates.

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