Developing New Builds in 2019 With Joule’s Hot Water Solutions



Joule have developed a wide ranging portfolio of solutions for heating and hot water systems. So whether it’s a heat pump, underfloor heating or our industry leading “Smart Plumb” range of pre-plumbed cylinders, Joule have a solution for you. Joule understands that great products need great system design to maximise the output and ensure complete customer satisfaction. With this in mind Joule have fully qualified mechanical and electrical engineers on hand to offer a complete design package with every Joule Samsung heat pump system if requested. Joule understands that all good heating systems are only as strong as their weakest component. To ensure this we have teamed up with Samsung to offer you a complete packaged solution. Samsung are world leaders in electronics and electrical products. They are the ideal partner to supply Joule with the world’s most advanced electric heat pump. With Samsung’s unrivalled experience in the electric heating industry and Joule’s track record on local service means we have formed a solid partnership ensuring your experience with our products and systems are seamless and easy.

Developing New Builds in Ireland 2019 With Joule

With new builds on the constant rise, developers are thrilled the heating & hot water industry will continue to boom in 2019.


Developers continuously look to build with high energy efficiency ratings combined with reliable industry leading heating and hot water solutions.


Understanding the needs of developing new builds to the highest standard is something Joule apply to each development. Providing heating solutions that are reliable, industry leading and developed to exceed customer satisfaction is something Joule stand by.


Joule, leaders in the heating and hot water solution industry have supplied the nation with complete heating and hot water solutions. Joule manufacture hot water cylinders, underfloor heating, aluminium radiatorsventilation, heat pumps, solar thermal and Joule’s Smart Plumb hot water cylinder range.


Joule provide a complete solution from customer service support, planning and design, after sales support and dedicated on-site support.


Joule provide heating and hot water solutions to new builds, new developments in Ireland 2019. Joule are market leaders in the heating and hot water industry. Joule provide underfloor heating in Ireland, hot water cylinders in Ireland, solar thermal heating in Ireland, heat pumps in Ireland.

New Builds Heating, Hot Water & Ventilation Systems

A new build project is the ideal scenario for embracing renewable heating. From this ultimate blank slate, Joule can help you can tailor your property’s heating system to meet low-carbon regulations and reduce ongoing utility bills.


Joule have developed a wide ranging portfolio of solutions for heating, hot water and ventilation systems. So whether it’s a heat pump, underfloor heating, aluminium radiators, our InvaVent ventilation range or our industry leading extensive range of hot water cylinders, Joule have the solution for you.


For new build projects, Joule can provide a heating, hot water and ventilation system backed up with design and service.

Compared to traditional radiators, underfloor heating is far superior when heating a home. Underfloor heating acts as a giant radiator to provide a steady, even temperature throughout the house. Joule underfloor heating systems produce efficiency at low water temperatures resulting in reducing running costs. Joule underfloor heating systems provide a bespoke design for each and every project. We supply a wide range of underfloor heating systems such as suspended floor, screed and floating floors. The underfloor heating systems by Joule compliment heat pumps, boilers and solar which are supplied with a touchscreen thermostat to complete the project with finesse.Joule provides state of the art underfloor heating with our Invaheat system. Simple to install and easy to use, all of our underfloor heating systems come with manuals demonstrating everything you need to know.

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Customer Service & Support For New Builds

Our customer focused policies have set us on a quest to achieving and maintaining world class service.


We appreciate that in today’s society consumer demands and expectations are very high. We will continually strive to improve our service to meet these demands. Working with Joule, you can be satisfied and confident that you are investing in a brand that delivers on its promises.


Our dedicated technical sales team is available to offer you a professional and dedicated service with a reliable supply chain along with competitive pricing for any project.

Joule stock a complete range of solar thermal systems such as solar electricity and solar photovoltaics. The solar thermal systems are suitable for every type of installation. From our high efficiency Acapella evacuated tube collector solar system to our Navitas 2.0m in-roof solar panel systems and on-roof solar panel systems. All solar systems supplied by Joule have been designed for Northern European climates that ensure a very high zero-loss collector efficiency figure of 85%. For every cylinder within the dwelling Joule have a solar panel that is compatible with it.

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Planning & Design For Hot Water Solutions

At Joule we correctly design & indemnify your proposed heating, hot water and ventilation installation. From a standard domestic heating installation to a commercial combination system we offer a one stop solution to your requirements.


Systems will be designed to ensure a high level of comfort and energy efficiency for the homeowner. With our comprehensive product range we can offer solutions for any project or budget.


We will work with your design team to assess your requirements and suggest solutions to deliver a comprehensive bespoke design. Our team will include product specification, full schematics and drawings which will be in accordance with building regulations and best practices. We also offer commissioning, ancillary certification and technical support plus installer training across our product range.


Joule supplies complete ventilation systems from mechanical ventilation & heat recovery, mechanical extract ventilation and demand control ventilation. Each ventilation system is carefully designed and installed so the correct ventilation rate and energy efficiency is at optimum level. The ventilation systems supplied by Joule control indoor air quality by diluting and displacing indoor pollutants efficiently. Designing the correct ducting with each ventilation system ensures the highest efficiency with low energy use.

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Customer Service & After Sales Support For New Build Developments

At Joule customer support & service does not end when you have purchased & installed your system. Our dedicated technical support team will ensure your enquiry will be dealt with professionally and within a timely manner.


Joule has a dedicated nationwide network of highly trained and experienced Customer Support engineers. You can rest assured that you’re in safe hands with Joule.


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