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Complete System Solution

Building a new house or simply renovating your existing property look no further than Joule for your complete renewable heating system and hot water solution. Joule, with more than a combined 30 years experience in the relevant manufacturing and engineering sectors, are here to help you with your project from inception to completion.

With most renewable energy and traditional heating systems, cylinders form a key part of the system. Joule also have an in-house system building division which assembles your system components into one product allowing for simple and efficient installation process.

Bespoke Design Service

As heating and hot water systems become more technically advanced the requirement for manufacturers to offer bespoke system design increases. Gone are the days when all you need for a heating system is a boiler, radiators and time clock all sized using outdated rules of thumb. Modern buildings are far more efficient than they used to be and some buildings being built today require very small systems, which no rule of thumb will ever determine.

Also the need to integrate multiple energy sources from heat pumps, solar, bio-mass and conventional boilers requires a deep understanding of fluid dynamics along with experience in control sequencing. Joule has garnered this experience over its last 30 years operating as a manufacturer of heating and hot water products.

Manufacturing Excellence

Joule manufacture a range of innovative product from vented and un-vented hot water cylinders to more technically advanced Aero cylinders which incorporates efficient heat pump technology to produce hot water over 3 times cheaper than using a traditional electrically heated cylinder.

Our complete product portfolio is manufactured to exacting standards while optimising performance and aesthetics. Our product design philosophy is based around meeting the needs of our customers through carrying out complex tasks while looking aesthetically pleasing requiring minimal user input while but providing maximum control.

Our people

Our business wouldn't be where it is today if it wasn't for the hard work and sheer determination of our dedicated people. Our teams are experts in their field, make things happen and keep our clients happy.