Pre-Plumbed Heat Pump Package w/ Buffer

Smart Plumb by Joule

The Smart Plumb by Joule is the most innovative pre-plumbed solution for heat pump systems. The cylinder/buffer combo is pre-plumbed, wired, and commissioned before it leaves the factory.

The buffer / low loss header acts as an intermediary vessel for the heating system which helps system flow rate and defrost cycling. With the cylinder sitting over the buffer tank the footprint has been greatly reduced. The control wires are all hidden behind the cable cover.

Get To Know Your Wiring

Connecting your communication cable:

The communication cable carries the signal between the outdoor unit and the MIM casing. Using a two-core cable connect the terminals F1 & F2 of the outdoor unit to the terminals F1 & F2 of the MIM casing.

Connecting the flow sensor :

The flow sensor is a 4 pin push fit connector that connects to the MIM casing on the connection labelled ‘CNS057’. The flow sensor cable is 2 meters in length. This can be extended however it is essential that the inner cable core colours are matched end to end.

Wifi Controls - Smart Connectivity

The neoStat was designed as a standalone room thermostat that can be paired to the neoHub for remote app control if desired by the end-user.

  • The intuitive menu navigation ensures Heatmiser Neo is a simple and highly flexible system.
  • The neoStat Digital Room Thermostat is designed to be discreet and with dimensions similar to a light switch, the neoStat will be noticed for its features, not size.
  • Smart Profiles enable users to program time and temperature settings and then apply them to a number of zones.
  • The Mesh Networking feature of Neo greatly increases the communication distance of the system as the communication data is automatically routed between the connected neoStats and the neoHub.
  • Automatically turning the heating off when the homeowner leaves and back on when they return, the GeoLocation feature is an ideal energy-saving feature.

Cylinder Pack Sizing Guide

W/ Integral Buffer
House Size m² Heatpump KW (kw) Cylinder Capacity (L) Item No.
0 – 110 5 200 HXSM-G6-094 
110 – 155 8 200 HXSM-G6-096 
155 – 245 12 250 HXSM-G6-100
245 – 315 16 300 HXSM-G6-104

Whats Included - Additional Extras

Flexi Conn Hoses


Y Strainer


Isolation Valves


Mounting Feet




Outdoor Unit

Indoor Cylinder

Terms and Conditions

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– Contact the Joule technical department or your local sales representative.
– Provide the full product model code and serial number
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Modification or attachments Accidents or misuse
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Joule Cyclone

The JOULE Cyclone stainless steel vessel carries a fully transferable 25-year guarantee against faulty materials or manufacture provided that:

– It has been installed in the United Kingdom or the Republic of Ireland as per the instructions provided in the installation manual provided with the cylinder and in accordance with all of the relevant standards, regulations and codes of practice in force at the time.
– It has not been modified in any way, other than by JOULE
– It has not been misused, tampered with or subjected to neglect.
– The system is fed from the public mains water supply.
– It has only been used for the storage of potable water.
– It has not been subjected to frost damage.
– The unit has been serviced annually.
– The Service Log Book has been completed after each annual service.
– The warranty card is filled in and a copy is sent by email to


The guarantee does not cover cylinders affected by the following;

– The effects of scale build up on the cylinder.
– Any labour charges associated with replacing the unit or its parts.
– Any consequential losses caused by the failure or malfunction of the unit.

Please note that invoices for services may be requested to prove that the unit has been serviced annually. Unvented Kit & Other Components The expansion vessel and cold water controls supplied with JOULE models carry a 1-year guaran­tee.

All other components that are fitted to, or supplied, with the unit carry a 1-year guarantee.