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Design Services

Software and Design Services

Joule offers heating & plumbing design services through our dedicated in-house design team. Providing design packages to the new-build domestic market and all types of properties; from the self-build up to large sites for the major house builders throughout the UK and Ireland, involving all types of heating systems including solar and heat pumps.

We use a range of industry approved engineering software. AutoCAD is primarily used for all our 2D and 3D designs, we are fully committed to the use of Building Information Modelling (BIM) on future projects. Our objective is to minimise where possible any environmental impact arising from our building services designs.

Domestic Heating Design - from Joule

Joule is proud to have worked on a large number of developments throughout the UK and Ireland with our partner Domestic Heating Design Ltd. With core skills and services in place, they ensure that all our building services designs are energy efficient and incorporate world-class design practice. From the outset, they work closely with our clients to achieve the lowest carbon footprint with cost-effective, integrated and energy-efficient building solutions.

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