Ventilation Systems

Home Ventilation

Joule supplies complete ventilation systems from mechanical ventilation & heat recovery, mechanical extract ventilation, and demand control ventilation. Each ventilation system is carefully designed and installed so the correct ventilation rate and energy efficiency are at the optimum level.

The ventilation systems supplied by Joule control indoor air quality by diluting and displacing indoor pollutants efficiently. Designing the correct ducting with each ventilation system ensures the highest efficiency with low energy use.

Why is it important to ventilate your home?

Condensation dampness occurs when not enough fresh air is coming into the home to push out the stale, moisture-laden air.

In order to reduce humidity and improve indoor air quality, an average of four ‘air changes’ per hour is required.

If your home is under-ventilated, you’ll notice streaming windows, musty smells, and even patches of black mold.

The problem is excess humidity. The average family of four produce around 17 pints of water per day through everyday activities and this moisture is the cause of condensation dampness.

Mechanical Ventilation & Heat Recovery (MVHR)

The InvaVent Mechanical Ventilation & Heat Recovery system takes control of your home, improving your health, wellbeing, and lifestyle. Mechanical Ventilation with Heat Recovery removes stale damp air and replaces it with pre-warmed fresh filtered air creating a healthier environment with fewer pollutants.

  • Fresh air is supplied into the system via an external wall vent or roof cowl.
  • Up to 96% of the heat is recovered from the extract air.
  • The stale air is removed and exits the building via external wall grille or roof cowl.

Mechanical Extract Ventilation (MEV)

The InvaVent Mechanical Extract Ventilation systems are predominantly used in dwellings and apartments with five wet rooms or less (dwellings up to 300m2 / 3200sq.ft). The sleek compact InvaVent Maxi Central Mechanical Extraction Ventilation unit is generally installed in the roof space and ducted to all wet rooms.

  • The extract air is ducted from “wet rooms” to the outside
  • An MEV can ventilate an entire property without the need for individual extract fans.
  • Designed to draw moisture-laden air out of the wet rooms, whilst minimising the migration of humidity to other rooms.

Demand Controlled Ventilation (DCV)

The InvaVent DCV system applies humidity sensitive technology to air inlets, grilles, and exhaust units located in rooms where humidity reflects the level of indoor pollution.

  • Reduced average power consumption
  • Less clogging of filters, air ducts, and terminals
  • Increased life of demand-controlled exhaust fans
  • Greater availability of pressure and airflow for terminals
  • Reduced size of air ductwork to gain valuable floor space

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