Joule UK Launches Industry Leading SmartPlumb Compact


UK’s Leading Manufacturer Provides Latest Solution For The Heating & Plumbing Industry

SmartPlumb Compact Launch

Over the past year we have been working in line with today’s modern advancements to provide our customers of the heating and plumbing industry with the solution of our newest product.

With new builds and home renovations on the constant rise, the markets dynamics today are changing on how home owners and installers visualise a complete integrated solution.

Here at Joule UK we find solutions to meet all of our customers’ needs which is why we are happy to announce the launch of Joules SmartPlumb Compact.

SmartPlumb Compact Benefits

The new and innovative SmartPlumb Compact has been designed to not only look modern and minimise footprint for home owners, but it has also been designed to benefit the installers.

Joules SmartPlumb Cyclone signature range of hot water cylinders do not have to be installed in a boiler room where it could be hidden. Because of the SmartPlumb Compacts small footprint the installation can be in utility rooms and kitchens due to its modern, sleek design.

There are many benefits as to why customers and installers are fascinated with our SmartPlumb Compact, besides its modern design, kitchen and utility integration and savings on running costs for customers, there are many benefits for installers of the SmartPlumb Compact too.

Having all main components easily accessible proves maintenance simple, as well as strategically assigning all valves to be part of 1 unit concludes everything being in 1 place logically makes the job at hand simple, less time consuming and cost effective.

Gaining access to the front of the cylinder by simply removing the front panel to find everything being pre-plumbed and pre-wired, whilst not needing virtually any side clearance as all the pipework is on top are just a few benefits of Joules SmartPlumb Compact.