Free Snickers Hoody with our Joule Cylinder Promotion

Free Hoody with Joule Cylinders We’ve a great new promotion running. We’d like to thank you for being a Joule customer, so we’re giving away...

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New House Builds Still in High Demand

High Demand for New Builds Recent CSO figures, show not only the expected rise in house prices in Ireland,  but also the continued lack of...

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The Hidden Benefits of Underfloor Heating

Comfort, Space and Savings There is a real comfort in being able to walk around your home in your bare feet when there are below...

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Good Reasons to Choose an Unvented Cylinder

About Unvented Cylinders For the Homeowner If you’re a home owner, your plumber, builder or hot water and heating specialist will be able to advise...

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Saving with Solar Panels – What You Need to Know

We’re all increasingly conscious of saving energy, both for financial and environmental reasons. Solar thermal panels can provide you with hot water for most of...

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Joule Donegal International Rally – Previews & Pundits

  Previews, Pundits & Live Feeds   The Numbers This year’s Joule Donegal International Rally kicks off on Friday! By Sunday evening we’ll all be...

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JP Morgan Bournemouth Case Study

Joule UK is a leading Cylinder Manufacture based in the Wirral, who specialise in Hotwater Cylinders and the Design of Domestic and commercial hotwater and...

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Joule Easyheat

Sneak Preview of the New Smartheat, Preplumbed Boiler Cylinder Pack

The new Joule Smartheat is a our preplumbed , wired and tested boiler, cylinder and controls pack. The pack can be assembled using the boiler...

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Smart Pre Plumbed Cropped Image

Smartplumb by Joule – The Smartest Pre Plumb Around

Smartplumb by Joule is the next  generation of unvented hot water storage. With the ErP ready cylinder and pump this is one of the most...

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