Smart Plumb Pre-plumbed Cylinder

Features & Benefits

The Smart Plumb by Joule is the most innovative pre-plumbed solution for heat pump systems. The cylinder/buffer combo is pre-plumbed, wired, and commissioned before it leaves the factory.

  • The buffer acts as an intermediary vessel for the heating system
  • Advance system flow rate and defrost cycling.
  • With the cylinder sitting over the buffer tank the footprint has been greatly reduced.
  • The control wires are all hidden behind the cable cover.



Item No.Desc.CapacityImageDownload
HUGH-G62060-3C200/60 ind PP HG SC 3Z C (G6-Sams)189L
HUGH-G62590-3C250/90 ind PP HG SC 3Z C (G6-Sams)237L
HUGH-G62590W3C250/90 IND PP HG SC 3Z C (G6-SAMS) Wellmaster237L
HUGH-G63090-3C300/90 IND PP HG SC 3Z C (G6-SAMS)279L
HUGH-G63090W3C300/90 IND PP HG SC 3Z C (G6-SAMS) Wellmaster279L
HUGS-G64013-3C400/130 Sol PP HG SC 3Z C (G6-Sams)379L
HUGS-G64013W3C400/130 Sol PP HG SC 3Z C (G6-Sams) Wellmaster379L